Knowing whether your child has a vision problem can be very challenging as a parent. Children, especially the younger ones, are often are not able to communicate if they are having problems in their vision. Many parents also face an added complication when the child is born with a vision problem.

The easiest solution is to opt for routine eye exams. This takes all the guesswork out and with a professional medical opinion vision problems can be detected early and preventive action can be taken as soon as any problem arises.

Meanwhile, if you observe any of the following signs, it can be indicative that the child may need glasses.

1. Complaining Of Headaches Or Eye Pain: If your child complains about eye pain or headaches at the end of the day, he or she may be over exerting the eyes ion an effort to increase focus of blurred vision

2. Squinting: Squinting may be a sign that your child has a refractive error, which affects how well the eyes focus on an image. By squinting, your child maybe able to temporarily improve the focus and clarity of an object.

3. Difficulty Concentrating At School: Because children need to quickly and accurately adapt their visual focus from distant to near and on a number of different objects ranging from chalkboards and computers to text books and tablets, vision problems may manifest as a lack of focus on schoolwork.