If you are looking for the perfect pair of glasses for your child, you probably know that with the multifold of options and stores available, choosing the correct pair can be confusing. 

The main question is, how to choose an eyewear that the child loves and that is durable enough to last long enough. To make your decision easier, here are a few tips for you to consider before making the purchase:

1. Prescription Strength

Wearing the wrong prescription can damage the eyes. Selecting the right frame that will work with your child’s prescription is the key.

2. Lifestyle Consideration

The new glasses should enhance your child’s daily activities, making their usual daily routing easier and more enjoyable.

(e.g.: Kids that play hard will need an extra sturdy pair of glasses for their lifestyle)

3. Face Fitting

It’s important to choose glasses that look the best on your child’s face as per their face-shape. The overall look depends on their frames.