In an era of digital media, everything is getting visually coherent, from education to work and entertainment (digital content). Prolonged use of computers and other electronic media that include tablets, LED Screens, are leading to visual impairment.

Kids from the age of 5 upwards are now accustomed to the use of electronic gadgets which could lead to the advent of myopia and other defects of the eye.

Good vision is a key to academic success. Daily classroom activities require students to have strong visual abilities and an untreated eye condition can impact their progress and performance in school. Myopia being one of the major eye impairments is on a rise because of the use of these devices.

That said, an article from Education Week Research Centre reports one in three children haven’t had their vision tested in the past two years – if at all. The general idea here is to acknowledge the importance of our children's vision and understand how parents and children can adapt to the increased usage of electronic media and its impacts on eye health.

“People have always been curious about filter lenses and zero-power computer glasses. Now parents are asking – If we cannot control screen time any more, what do we do to ensure kids don’t strain their eyes or develop power?”

At SeeSaw eyewear, we suggest that even if your child has healthy eyes, we encourage you to ensure that your kid wears #BlueLightProtection frames while working in front of a screen. After all, prevention is better than cure!